Understand your customers to build better products

Discover the invisible, draw conclusions, and make data-driven decisions to improve what works, fix what's wrong, and test new ideas.

Product manager with marketer and UX designer

Quantitative & qualitative analytics in one tool.

Event tracking

Automatically track all possible user interactions with your product, such as pageviews, clicks, form submits, taps, swipes, etc.

Session recording

Look at your product through the eyes of the customer - play back their recorded visits to see what activities they did and what obstacles they encountered.

Reports & Dashboards

Use the collected data to create advanced reports or charts and share them with your teammates. Easily manage who can see what.


Divide users into groups based on selected common characteristics to understand how those characteristics affect their interactions with your product and their behavior.


Visualize user behavior with heatmaps. Where does their gaze go? What is interesting to them? What are they clicking?

User identification

Identify your users and analyze their past interactions with the product. Build an integrated user profile.

Behavioral attribution

Find out which channels and to what extent contributed to the acquisition of a given customer.

Event prediction

Use the massive amounts of data Segmetric collects to predict user events and behavior with high probability.

A/B testing

Make hypotheses, ask questions, create experiments, test different versions of content and pictures to find out what works best for a given situation.


Find out where you are losing customers and determine what needs to be improved so you don't lose them.


Understand how your users navigate the site and if there is any pattern of their behavior.

Surveys & Feedback

Get to know your users better. Easily create surveys to ask them questions and collect answers in real time.

Form analytics

Find out how users use your forms. Determine which fields are causing them problems, and why they sometimes abandon your forms.


Don't wait for the data, analyze it in real time. What the user does is immediately visible in the reports and in the event stream, which you can view live.

Event visualizer

Use event tracking automatically, without the need for developer involvement. Click on the selected element on the page and see the statistics related to it.


Collect data from external applications such as HubSpot, Intercom, Salesforce, MailChimp and many more.

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